Terms and Conditons

DeCouer.com is a website solely built with the intent to provide you with a full brand experience. The website will give you a sneak peek into where your products are made and hopefully answer your questions related to De Couer New York, its jewelry, and most importantly, its beautiful diamonds. Your account details on DeCouer.com will be kept private and will only be used to send brand related updates to your email based on the permissions you have granted DeCouer.com.

All BUY NOW links on our website will direct you to our products on overstock.com, our retail partner. You will be asked to create an Account there if you don't already have one. Creating an Account on their website will help you keep track of your orders, get the latest updates on De Couer's inventory, answer your questions related to US & International Shipping and Returns Policy, Customer Care, Shipping & Delivery Expectations, Payments etc.

You will find all brand-related information on DeCouer.com whereas all order-related information on overstock.com. Please feel free to Contact Us either way. We're always happy to help you!

Click here to view all information related to the Terms & Conditions on our retail partner's website.